the kindness of strangers

Today I ran into this kind lady who was standing in line beside me. She smiled and said to me that I had the face of someone who likes to help people. She said she could see my heart come through, and tell that I was someone who just loves people, and then asked me what kind of profession I planned to study toward, and we had a short little chat.

What I wanted to say was that her one comment just made my day and was gave such a positive boost to my mood. I felt like hearing someone think of me as someone helpful, encouraged me to try even harder to be the person they believed I was.

This made me notice how much a genuine compliment from a stranger can lift someone’s spirits. I’ll try and make a conscious effort from now on to genuinely give compliments to anyone who seems to deserve it, be it a friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger.

And I urge anyone who reads this to do the same. =)
Just a few words of kindness can give so much happiness to someone, and of course, this would have ripple effects, as that person will likely be encouraged to be kind to others. (Happiness begets kindness!)

So, here is something you can do today (and everyday):

Give out a genuine compliment to a stranger!
(And friends/family/whoever else you think deserves it, of course)

Have a happy day!


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