Try this: Make your own board game!

Something new to try:

Make your own board game!

How I ended up doing this:
so a few months ago, i was playing a lot of kingdom hearts: birth by sleep (working to get 100% report completion to unlock the secret ending), and i thought about how i actually really like the “command board” thing they have. =D it seems like something that would be really fun as a real-life version that you could play, like a board game. i wanted to play it with all my younger sisters on family game night :P. so i  started making a board game based on it. we borrowed some pieces and things from other games (like my kingdom hearts playing cards, and monopoly money), and drew up a whole board on a bristol board paper, and yeah. 😀 it was awesome. :3

Don’t know where to start? Here are some places to help you get started:

Enjoy~ 🙂

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