New Thing #001: Starting a New Blog

Starting a new blog is a whole new experience in and of itself!

This is today’s featured new thing.

I’m thinking of changing the way I post things on here, to be a little different, a little more personal, and less general.

‘Cause. I think that’s what I wanted this to be.

I think.


From now on, the posts will be numbered.

And each post will be about something new that I personally tried. And a lot of times, they might not be anything new for most people. But they’re new for me.

Okay, anyway~ 🙂

This blog will just be to keep track of things. And to keep myself encouraged to never stop trying new stuff! ^-^

Yay for personal blogs~

You can still get new ideas for yourself from here too ;D
I mean, there’s gotta be at least some things I try, which are new for other people visiting this blog. And maybe seeing someone else try it, will inspire you to give it a shot too! 😀

Yay for trying something new!

Enjoy today, everyone~ 😀


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