New Thing #002: Visiting a Board Game Cafe

New thing to do: Visiting a board game cafe

So I recently discovered the existence of board game cafes, and it sounded kind of fun, and gave us something new to try, so we found one downtown and went there as a family 😀

The games we played were:
– Show-off! (pictured above)
Mad Gab
Reverse Charades
Pass the Bomb
( We wanted to play Risk too, but it was taking us too long to read the instructions, and we wanted to get in as many games as we could before the kids started to get tired, so, we went for the shorter, easier-to-learn type games. 🙂 Which means all the games listed above are pretty easy to just open the box, skim the rules, and get playing right away! :D)

After that, we explored the area around the cafe on foot, ate some food, went to this huge department store that claimed to have really cheap deals, chatted with some street musicians, and checked out retro book and video game stores! 😀 We also ran into some crazy mirrors, and those are always loads of fun. ;D So all in all, quite the fun little adventure we had~ And it’s always an adventure for us when we spend time together as a family ^-^ Yay for family hangouts!

On the topic of board games, if you’re someone who loves board games and plays them a lot (we don’t really play them as often, but I ran across this site and thought it would be useful to someone who does), this site might be worth checking out:

Note that I’ve never actually tried this myself, but it seems to be a pretty good deal for regular board game players, who like trying new board games often, but don’t feel like buying so many of them without knowing how good/re-playable they are. 🙂

Ok then. Enjoy~ 😀


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