This blog is maintained by two people who just love trying new things to add colour to our everyday life!

We post about all our “little adventures” here on this blog, encouraging you to try new things out with us! I’m sure there’s at least some things on this blog that you have never tried before either. Why not today? 😀

Our motto is Carpe Diem~ Living each day to the fullest, be it through small treasures or big adventures. Every new experience is worth something, no matter how little it is.

By the way, this all started from our “Carpe Diem Summer 2012”, inspired by Phineas and Ferb 😀 a cute little show about two brothers who do something new each day (although, their new things consist of building rollercoasters, travelling through time, and be-friending aliens, haha. :P). But the message of the show is wonderful:

You don’t have to build a roller-coaster
To find your own way, to make the most of
Every minute. No more waiting for the right time, you’re in it.
So grab those opportunities when you see ‘em!
‘Cause everyday’s a brand new day! You gotta’ carpe diem!
– Phineas and Ferb

So. Inspired by the episode with this song about seizing the day (or “Carpe diem!”), we got this idea to make the most of our summer by trying something new each day! Grabbing opportunities, doing things we always wanted to do, and letting go of inhibitions + getting in touch with our inner child…ren? xD

This is the place where we’ll post all the fun things we did that summer, as well other fun things we do now! 😀



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